Compliant with New USPTO Private PAIR Two-Factor Authentication

PAIRdownloader is compliant with the new USPTO Private PAIR two-factor authentication system which the USPTO required for all users by February 15, 2019.

Manage and Access Private PAIR Documents

Save time by downloading all Private PAIR documents received via the USPTO e-Office Action
program via PAIRdownloader without having to manually log in to Private PAIR and giving you
access to those documents at any time whether they were downloaded today or previously.

Downloads all Documents from e-Office Action Program

PAIRdownloader downloads all documents received from the USPTO e-Office Action program

  • Filing Receipts
  • Notice to File Missing Parts
  • Non-Final Rejections
  • Final Office Rejections
  • Notice of Publications
  • Examiner Interview Summaries
  • Notice of Allowances

  • Issue Notifications
  • Advisory Actions
  • Notice of Abandonments
  • Power of Attorney Notices
  • All Other Outgoing Correspondence from USPTO

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Customizable and Consistent File Names

PAIRdownloader provides you with the ability to format your downloaded PAIR document file
names to provide you with a consistent and customized file name to suit your needs.

Prevent Errors and Missed Documents

PAIRdownloader downloads all of the documents shown on your e-Office Action e-mail to
prevent errors in downloading and indicates any unopened documents to prevent any
documents being missed.