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Having issues with PAIRdownloader™? Here are some Common Reasons:

  1. I am unable to download Private PAIR outgoing correspondence. The USPTO website could be having problems or your Internet connection may not be working. Please check to see if you can log into Private PAIR directly at
  2. Java Security Warning on Startup

    PAIRdownloader accesses Private PAIR similar to how you normally access Private PAIR through a web browser. Because of this, you will receive a Java Security Warning pop-up each time you run PAIRdownloader. The name of the Java application component will be “EntrustTruePassApplet“. This notice is standard when viewing with Java code for Private PAIR on the USPTO website (i.e. you will get the same notice when accessing Private PAIR (try in Internet Explorer): You have two options when dealing with this Java security warning:

    1. Go to the Java Control Console by either (a) right clicking on the Java icon in the Notifications Area then selecting Open Control Console or (b) typing “Java Control Console” in the Microsoft Start/Search box for Version 6 of Java or typing “Configure Java” for Version 7 of Java.
    2. In the Java Control Panel, select the Advanced tab, then expand the Security section and then expand the Mixed Code section.
    3. Select the Enable – hide warning and run with protections option.
    4. Select Apply and then OK which will apply the settings (you will no longer receive the Java Security Warnings when using PAIRdownloader or when accessing Private PAIR via your web browser).
  3. Status Stalled at “Authenticating with PAIR” – Java Issue

    If when you open PAIRdownloader the status appears to be stuck at “Authenticating with PAIR” and you have approved the Java notice, then there could be an installation issue with Java (Java is required by the USPTO website). One solution is to reinstall Java on your computer. You can download the latest Java version at

    This is usually caused by an issue with your Java JRE installation. A simple test to see if your Java JRE installation is working properly is to use Internet Explorer (do not use Chrome or Firefox for this) to log into the Private PAIR service (

    If this succeeds, your Java installation is fine. If it fails in any way, such as bringing you to a blank page, you’ll need to uninstall and reinstall the latest Java JRE.

Still having problems? View our Knowledge Base for further guidance:

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